Happy birthday Sweden

Today was Sweden’s national day. Since Midsummer is “our” informal national day, and celebrated since the times of Thor, while 6 June has only been a bank holiday for seven years, we have much to learn on how to celebrate a nation’s birthday.

I celebrated it with some work, slow breakfast, meeting up with a new acquaintance, a 17 (!) k run (that half marathon comes closer) and ended it up with a bbq with friends. I also squeezed in an hour if dehydration after the run and the bbq. A learning that it is important to drink, not only the same day and during the run, but also the day before. Graduation parties where alchoholic beverages are consumed, should also, when ever possible, be avoided before races.

But I had the precense to enjoy the scenery during my run this fab summer’s late afternoon and appriciated our beautiful country. Smart move to have our national day in June and not November…

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  1. Titti says:

    17 km. Förbannat bra jobbat! Grymt!
    Nu ligger jag “bara” 10,5 km efter….


    1. louiseinskottorp says:

      Tack! Du kommer ifatt… Om du vill… Livet är ju ingen tävling 😉

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