Satisfactory deluxe

In April two years ago, the Mr, the much better and smarter one of us, was very resolute that we should install solar panels. I was hesitant at first (due to the cost), but “caved in”. Naturally, with the ongoing energy crisis, it was a smart investment. It, together with the fixed price offer he got us a while back, our energy cost has been extremely low. From a long term sustainability perspective it was a brilliant move.

We also decided to get an electric car, which won’t take us to the mountains (at least not on one load), but it takes us to the everyday things everyday. With that, or with the installation of the charger, we got this indispensable app. With it we are able to follow our energy production, as well as our energy consumption, in close to real time.

Currently on this sunny March morning we are self sufficient when it comes to energy and then I’m running a load of washing (just because the sun is shining). To be able to follow this in our app, is highly satisfactory. I’m a simple woman to please.

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  1. Forestad says:

    Måste se din kalkyl

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