1st Advent

I have just returned home after a visit at the movies with my boys and a friend of Sam’s. The five legends, good. I love the sound of my boys laughing straight out. The kind of laughter which far from cultivate, but straight from the heart. Now I have pimped the house with the final stuff for 1st Advent.

Laughter was also something I got a lot of last night. Leaving to visit good friends of the past for, what I expected, a nice long walk, wine and good food accompanied by conversations of past, precent and the future. My reaction was closer to shock than surprise as a number of friends (from all times) cried “Suprise” as I entered the kitchen in my friends house. My belated hen party.

Off we went and they took me to the coziest hostel on Söderåsen. With temperatures closer to zero functional training and interval running was on the schedule. Thereafter the rest of the evening was spent chatting, cooking, laughing, crying and, how much I hate to admit it, some memories of shame. A number of surprise guest turned up during the evening.

We woke up in a Swedish winter dream with loads of snow outside our windows lit up with Advent stars and a fireplace warming us.

20121202-185527.jpg 20121202-185538.jpg 20121202-185620.jpg

20121202-191344.jpg 20121202-191353.jpg

I am still shocked but foremost HONORED that all these people turned up for me, spend time, most probably a lot of time planning, organizing and biting their toungs for me.

From the bottom of my hearti THANK YOU

4 Comments Add yours

  1. londonswede says:

    Åh vad roligt. Låter ju jätte mysigt.

    1. louiseinskottorp says:

      Ok, mitt svar till dig kom på Jennica …
      Men som jag skrev, skulle inte vilja ha det på ngt annat sätt.

  2. Jennica says:

    Vad härligt att det blev en så lyckad helg! Kram!

    1. Louise says:

      Ja, skulleinte vilja ha det pångt annat sätt! Snön var bar en bonus!

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