As I mentioned before, we spent one day (or half of one) during our Key West stay, dolphin watching. Unfortunately (or not) our first arrangements with captain Sheri at Wild about dolphins got cancelled due to illness in the family. But she arranged for us to go with captain John at Dolphin watch instead.

What a day we had. With only six people on the boat, perfect weather conditions (I am sure it was captain John’s doing that to) many dolphins, a turtle or two and some good snorkeling, I had the best 4 hours on a boat (I usually get really seasick, just ask me about deep sea dishing on Mauritius…) ever. It was important for us that the “supplier” treated the animals with respect and also knew a lot about them. We ended the day just sitting watching the breath-taking sunset.

Here are some pictures from that day. Sigh….

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  1. londonswede says:

    Åh wow vad underbart. Åh önskar vi gjort det när vi va där förra året. Ser helt fantastiskt ut.

    1. louiseinskottorp says:

      Ja, jag kan varmt rekommendera det till nästa gång! 🙂

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