40 is the new 20, party people and gratitude

I will share some pictures from a surprise birthday party we went to yesterday. What an honor for us, what a surprise for the birthday child and what a day, evening, night and morning it was.

The scenery could not be much better, the party was set at the beautiful Tosterup castle, the weather was grand and the birthday gal was so surprised to not say chocked. First when she arrived and saw us in the garden. Then once more when Swedish singer Petra Marklund joined the party for a private gig (her song Satellites is very personal to me and it was great to hear her sing it).

I simply recognize gratitude towards mother-in-laws, children, husband, friends, acquaintances and experiences.

I also feel an amazing gratitude to mother nature. As we travelled from west-coast to east-coast to south-east coast, I repeatedly was in awe of her magnificence. She showed Sweden and Scanina from its absolutely best side. It was green, yellow and blue.


Come visit Sweden! And when you do, you come in May and you come to Scania.









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