40 is the new 20, party people and gratitude

I will share some pictures from a surprise birthday party we went to yesterday. What an honor for us, what a surprise for the birthday child and what a day, evening, night and morning it was. The scenery could not be much better, the party was set at the beautiful Tosterup castle, the weather was…


The Mr and I have the new year’s resolution to be more sociable. So after a slow start we now now went all in this week-end. Friday-Sunday party all night long. Thank God it is Monday so I get into the right tracks again.

Have you always been this cool?

I was actually asked this question last Saturday. The inquiring person were slightly influenced of  wine (like that would have mattered). As I also was slightly under the influence, my first response was a smart ass “Of course (or similar, I can not really remember, but a cocky reply it was). The reply was followed by…

All worth it

Yesterday was a time warp for me and the Mr. The husband tied the football shoes on and entered his beloved pitch. With his home team, where he started and peaked he once again teamed up with the same old friends. The talks before and after the game, was all there. I took the later…

Still in recovery

Our home is still in recovery after Saturday’s party. Amazing how much junk there can be inside a house when the party was outside.  Apparently we should have sun (according to the forecast) but it is grey and rainy :(. Oh well, this day will pass as well.