Review Skiathos

It started with poor imagination. The Mr wanted to go abroad during his vacation. No discussion. I never have that need. Or possibly I never need to, as my husband always wins that race. I understand him though. Living in Sweden and having an early vacation in June – you never know what weather you’ll get. It could be fantastic, but usually the weather is… varying. Meaning showers and cloudy, and around 17 C.

So we were thinking about Italy. We love Italy. But we never came to a decision where. Our friends however, they knew they were going to Skiathos, Greece. After a while we (read the Mr) came up with the idea that we should surprise our friends by just appearing in Skiathos. I thought it was a fun idea – for us. But also felt that they might not find it so fun. Especially as their youngest son was also going. So, before we booked, their son was to decide if it was OK if we tagged along. He was fine with it. We are fun to be around, so why not.

Some weeks later additional mutual friends tagged along.

And what a week we had!

Weather perfect, just below 30 C.

Timing. Mid June was perfect also from a crowding perspective. Not so many tourist had come, making the beaches almost empty.

Food AMAZING. Sometimes I find the food on holiday resorts to be the same, quite blend and the same everywhere. But we found found the food well cooked and more modern than what we expected. So good.

The first days we spend on a beach in Skiathos, an arms-length from a bar and restaurant. There I and one of our travel companions could have stayed the whole week, if it was up to us. Luckily it wasn’t. I don’t know why I am so lazy (other than my personality) or if it has to we cowardice. But the day after we went on a day’s cruise around the island stopping at different beaches, some only reachable by boat. I sumarise the excursion as fantastikós. Thereafter we went to new beaches each day along the south coast. We missed the northern parts which apparently are even more spectacular.

The guest house was simple, not at all as the pictures… but the beds and pillows – yes, you guessed it – FANTASTIC. For people my age, that’s extremely important!

And then the company which I encapsulate as amastic (amazing fantastic). Things such as children “playing” accordion or ukulele (?) and grown men walking on hot sand, will be remembered forever.

The music. At every restaurant and beaches perfect modern lounge music was play. Especially good was it at the restaurant at Vromolimnos beach, where they had a DJ catering the music. Crazy good!

What I will not mention was the outcome in the card game Shithead. What an utterly stupid card game it is.

Here is how I will remember our stay. If you are thinking on Greece I truly recommend Skiathos.

We left they boys alone at home. As Sam was working and Fabian had practice. They survived. So did I. And it turned out that you can support solving failed covid test and forgotten credit card codes also from Greece.

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  1. Forestad says:

    DT verkar som ni har haft en strålande semester

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