Today I’m happier, especially when I don’t think about yesterday and when thinking of the Sam who passed his exam to his red belt in taekwondo. Proud! Of course.


Talking about emotions and how one feels is not easy for all. It is a skill one often needs to be taught. But a skill that makes you learn a lot about yourself and can teach a thing or two to others. I, personally, live close to my feelings. I have the full spectrum, like…

To Russia with love

As Pride is going on in Russia at the moment, let’s listen to this tune made by my former colleague. To Russia, and anyone else who has “a problem” with same sex relations.

The sound of pride

I know what pride sounds like. It is dogfood poured into a bowl. This means that your oldest takes responsibility for the family pet while his parents still are laying in bed. #everythingwillturnoutjustfine


If you generalize, Swede’s are very poor at being proud over them selves. We are usually not the ones who will climb up a mountain and scream out our joy for being ourselves, just because we are soooo good. Or, maybe that is exactly where we would do it, as nobody would hear us on the…

Following your heart

It is cool when you can witness someone else’s happiness in real time. Like yesterday when Sam was on his Taekwondo green belt grading. He didn’t pass, his selfdefense needed some more practice. But if you could see the pure joy in his eyes when they were to sparr with a “red-belt guy”. Gee, he really…

Proud to be Swedish

There are many reasons to why I am proud to be Swedish. In general Swedes could be better at being proud. This was something I found very liberating when living in the US, to be “allowed” to be proud; over my team, my school, myself etc etc. This time I will share an example of…