Talking about emotions and how one feels is not easy for all. It is a skill one often needs to be taught. But a skill that makes you learn a lot about yourself and can teach a thing or two to others.

I, personally, live close to my feelings. I have the full spectrum, like all of us. From rage to happiness. And I show them. I can usually pinpoint to why I react as I do, but many times my expression is more “clear and too loud”.

Yesterday me and Sam had a fight. I wasn’t excessively adult in my ways and rhetorics. Sam, like we have taught him, walks away to cool down (which is something I need to start doing (OMG it just struck me!). He returns after a few minutes and does the exceptional – not thirteen years old he does what so many adults never do. He sits down and explains to me his feelings and emotions during our argument.

I am so proud over his mature way to handle the entire situation especially his ability to put words to his feelings. This got me to reflect over how I handled the argument. I too was entitled to my feelings/reactions to his behaviour (which I still do not think is OK), but I now need to communicate it in a better way for the disagreements to come.

What a fine young man we have.


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