Accepting what they are not

If you ask me I have together with my husband created the world’s two most wonderful children. Wonderful in every sense of the word (at least when I forget when they are both human and children…)

We probably all know that all our children are not perfect, they should not be. They are children and foremost how could they, they are our children. Personally, perfect is a word that I am not a fan of. It is boring, it is subjective and therefore impossible reach.

Perfect or not, children are what they are and even if we do not say it out loud, we’d love them to be very much like ourselves, don’t we (at least all our positive sides)? I have realized that our boys have so many similarities to myself (and the Mr, we are quite alike). And, then there are sides I truly dislike. I do not have them, I dislike them in other people and my boys have gotten them…

During conversations with myself (we all have them, right?!…) it just hit me, these sides of their personality (which I am not 100% comfortable with) I need to accept. I can help them understand the other side of these sides, but I must stop to try to change them… It will make me happy and foremost them happy.

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