Post vacation / pre-work analysis

Hmm… four weeks. After four weeks of absolute nothing and everything, it is time to get up and get dressed before 10 o’clock in the morning.

It is clear that I love to be around my children and husband doing “nothing”. That nothing meaning to do whatever we feel like (and this summer we also managed to do it on a slim budget). All this is great as statistics shows that after the traditional Swedish summer vacation (usually a long 4-5 week continious time together) the number of divorce filnings booms in Sweden. We will not do that. Or at least I won’t.

Today is my last official day of vacation (but I ‘ll stretch the sensation of it over the weekend). I am not left with the usual anxiety, which was quite common when I was a “common” employee, stuck in the hamster wheel.

My analyse tells me that the anxiety doesn’t show as I will only be in the hamster wheel for 12 weeks ahead. After that, my life is a blank piece of paper, something I have leared to embrace.

I also will also try something “new” in one week’s time. At least in a new environment with new people. As it is “new” I want to show off and deliver with excellence. Since my excellence is my normal I find it more effective to do it around new people since it is much more appreciated there.

But still, my analyse tells me I am not 100% in line with my vision (at least not what I can see at the moment). So I need to put some more mind hours on that.

Good to have things to do. Good to have a vision to strive towards.

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