What is WRONG with me?

The answer to the question might be “a lot of things”.

The Mr and I have always, consciously or not, wanted our children to be independent and self going. As soon as the Mr took over the parental leave for the second son, we have been on the right track (Fabian was extremely cautious with strangers as a baby and I probably didn’t do much to help him).

Today Sam was off to a shorter training camp with his taekwondo club. Just two days, one night away. I have been parted from my kids many times (once a full week when I was off to the US, and that is never gonna happen again, when I picked them at daycare I was crying so hard I scared both my own and other children…) and it has NEVER been a problem. It wasn’t this time either. For him. But I am falling to pieces here.

I am a bit surprised to my reaction. Is it because he is off on his own with “strangers”, not grandma or grandpa caring for him? I mean he has been off with school before. I don’t get this. I did not see this coming.


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  1. well, what to say? I don´t know what is wrong with you, but now you made me wonder what is wrong with me, because i don´t cry when i see my kids after they´ve been away, not even last summer when my eldest son went to sports camp for two whole weeks with only strangers (we did visit on the weekend half time). can´t we just agree on that we are different, and that we show our emotions in different ways?

    don’t get me wrong I do miss my kids terrible when they/I are not around.

    1. louisedock says:

      Wow, two weeks! I am an emotional one that is for sure. With all its glory and not.

      1. but I´m a cancer I´m suppose to be emotional. but maybe we should´t confuse our feelings with how we express our feelings. and, since you are a very independent and self going, and your children have the privilege to have you as their mother, and the privilege to see you every day (except when you send them off to camp), they will also be independent and self going.
        and the fact that you even think about it!

      2. louisedock says:

        I do not think we are supposed to be anything. We ARE what we are. As long as we do not consciously hurt other people we are just fine.

        Thanks for the kind words about my role as mother. I think what you mention about being conscience is a big part of our lives, wether it is about who you are as a parent or just who you are as you.

  2. No mother wants their child to grow up despite what we say. I cried when Son went to a three day camp when he was twelve. I will never forget how I mourned his absence.

    1. louisedock says:

      That’s it right, they grow up and I am dispensable. Totally natural feeling.

  3. Aussie Emjay says:

    I don’t think there’s a “right” or “wrong” thing when it comes to our emotions and how they relate to our children. With mine I was more emotional when the independent child went off to school – I wanted him to miss me instead of running off in joy! LOL I was too worried about my more sensitive child, and how he was getting on, to cry – I just remember being terribly stressed all day.

    1. louisedock says:

      No there are nothing wrong with emotions. I was just surprised over them.

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