When you realize…

…that the homeshopping company didn’t send ALL the items (Christmas gifts) and when you realize that you haven’t double booked two standup shows… Two sides of the same feeling.


Rage is an extrem word. Range is an extreme feeling. Range is close to what I feel towards people who do not show others respect. Grown-ups who are so careless of other people’s time, money and feelings they can not even be bothered to return e-mails or phone calls. Not even when they have asked…

Coming home

I went to a CSR meeting yesterday. CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility. It was like I found a word for what I, as a communicator always have been about. Transparency and balance. But what hasn’t been the focus of the corporate forces. For me it was like coming home.

The constant repetition

The words comes constantly. Every morning. Every night. And usually somewhere in-between. The words words are: “I love you”. For me it is important to tell and show my kids they are the most important in my life. That I will always will be there for them. That they can count on me.

Current status

My current status is a combination of this: and this I think that most women can relate…

Thank you

I am feeling truly grateful that I have a mind of a Teflon frying pan. Nothing sticks to me, for long. I can get gruesomely angry and upset (as you saw in my last post), but then it is gone and I focus on the the good parts in life, like when you play Uno…

Today’s words

I’ll keep it short today. This is how I feel. Darn good song to. Once again, the heck with Jante

All over the place

A Swedish royal once said: “My feelings are all over place.” That’s is exactly what I feel right now. Exactly.

What is WRONG with me?

The answer to the question might be “a lot of things”. The Mr and I have always, consciously or not, wanted our children to be independent and self going. As soon as the Mr took over the parental leave for the second son, we have been on the right track (Fabian was extremely cautious with…