Just had the best time of the day. When the kids go to bed and you take those minutes for cuddles and laughter.

Our oldest one, is the one with most similarities in looks with me. People who have gotten to know me through Sam, always tell me how much alike we look. Poor boy. Not that it is, in any mean, bad. (Since high school I have considered myself as a babe, just below supermodel level, but with far more witt, intelligence and charm, thereto with a slightly rounder bodyshape, which all combined makes me the overall winner and keeper.) But we all know; to constantly be reminded of how much alike we do look a parent or another stops being fun somewhere never fun between the third and twentythird time.

Child number two (two as in the second one I have given birth to) is very much alike me in personality. I don’t know if it is the fact of being the smallest sibbling that makes you evolve a great social intelligence. He, as well as I, is very sensitive to what is going on in a room and can easily maneuver the situation. And, the both of us, always want to be the center of attention. Growing up around us must be very, very challenging. Did I mention his sense of drama and martyrdom…

Anyhow, the post which was going to be about how fabolous it is to cuddle with these guys, especially when the laughter is roaring loud, now became about the greatness of being me (my blog, just saying). I am truly blessed to be around these guys. They know exactly what buttons to push if needed (and also when not), but the love and laughter they can bring out trumphs it all, several times over and over again.

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