Younger peeps

There are few things I see as more interesting and giving than to have the respect and confidence of a teen. To be handed the possibility to be a sounding board to a teenager’s honest thoughts and feelings must be absolutely brilliant. One must feel like Yoda. Like a bottomless well of wisdom. The tricky part must be to be able to transfer that wisdom to them.

I hope that I, as a coming teenage parent, will get this opportunity with my own children. To have the relationship and the time to listen to what they really want to say (some do have a problem to express themselves clearly to say the least, but that doesn’t necessarily stop at 20…).

One of the challenges will probably be to stay objective, since this is almost impossible when it comes to our most treasured creatures of our world. Another, but maybe the most important, is to get the chance to be that person he/she wants to share with.

I understand that this is what I invest in today. To see, listen, respect and have time for my children TODAY, will make it easer for me to successfully drown them in my wise advise in the future.

Bring the teens hither.

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