Christmas getting closer

Christmas is getting closer. I love this time of year, thee Christmas tree will move in this week-end. I think I love this time because I am a sucker for having it cosy. Lit candles and a fire in the fireplace (preferably with snowstorms outside) all this . To create a warm and safe feeling for the family, i.e. the children.

On the other hand it does not always work like clockwork. Like yesterday, when Sam all of the sudden did not want to be part of the Lucia train at school. As parents I would give myself and my husband two big fat F’s. It started well, but just become a total mess. After it all I realized how important it apparently is for me (and my husband) it is to follow through on stuff. We did not, at all, like the fact for our children to bail out just before something.

In the end we let Sam and his music teacher decide on the matter.

And for Sam and his brother it became clear that in our home we do not say one thing and do not deliver on it…

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