He had me at “hello”

A while back I read Zlatan Ibrahimovic‘s autobiography (written together with author David Lagercrantz) and I enjoyed it. Maybe I didn’t think it was the most well written, but I still enjoyed it.

What really captured me, and what made me determined to always respect one of the world’s most talented soccer players, was his foreword.

I will continue to repeat these words to my sons. Day out and day in.

“This book is dedicated to my family and my friends, to all who have supported me through the good times as well as the bad. I also want to spare a thought to all children out there,  to all the children who feel a little odd, a little different, who doesn’t really fit and who get attention for all the wrong reasons. It is OK to not be like everybody else. Continue to believe in yourself, as you can see, it worked out for me after all.”

I am sure that if people were only a little more a peace with who they are themselves, they wouldn’t care that much about others to make them feel bad. I am also convinced that we as parents are a huge influence to our children in this matter.

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