Paris report – Day#3

We are our way to the airport- hopefully they – the French – wait until tomorrow to go out on strike. Our last day was just as good a the two previous. With 16000 steps and with a lot of help from the metro we manage to cover the both parts of Paris we already…

Plan B

Accompanied with a cold, I’m sitting on the train home after fab days with friends from the past. From the beginning we planned to spend Thursday-Saturday at a 19’s century cabin in Linköping. On the Wednesday evening we were met of the news that the organizer was down with a cold. As the rest of…


Today we had a play date with one of my high school friends and family. With we I mean the dogs. Buddy haven’t had so many play dates due to his parents. I’m devastated over this fact, when I see how good he is. Buddy, Tesla and Sansa had a great time – and so…


It’s everything for him. If nobody wants to join he goes down to the pitch himself and practices and practices.


There are several reasons to complain at times. Times when life is just not what one deserves or expect. And there are days when you can take a step back and just realize that it could be so much worse. Tonight it was one of those days. Even if the boys were reluctant we made it….


Photography does wonders for my soul. I forget everything when I take pics. And how I love to use nature for my palette. Wonder why I do not do it more often. On my second instagram account, @signed_louise I focus more on photography as a creative expression and not so mucg as a visionary diary. There…


Saw these and remember and miss the summer.


Really, no more words are needed (and if someone wonders, the elderly peeps are my parents).  


Really, there are no words needed.

Happy midsummer

Happy midsummer from us! Enjoying some tranquile time under our beech tree before the serious party with friends starts. Why No hubby under the tree? Guess who is working the night-shift…?