Paris report – Day#3

We are our way to the airport- hopefully they – the French – wait until tomorrow to go out on strike.

Our last day was just as good a the two previous. With 16000 steps and with a lot of help from the metro we manage to cover the both parts of Paris we already gotten acquainted with and some new.

The shopping bug hadn’t bit that hard today, even if we did the most purchases. Big brother will get his fair share of presents. I on the other hand didn’t manage to get a fridge magnet… but two beers were consumed in the lovely weather.

Well, I was not here for the shopping anyway. I was here for the company and the memories.

Both mum and son are very pleased with the trip and thankful that the Mr goes down to Malmö Copenhagen to pick us up, well passed midnight ❤️. A lucky girl I am, even if I take very much credit for the things I do to make me that lucky person.

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