Time for someone else

The Mr and I caught up time with a “date night”. Football was on the agenda. The Mr is, as you are well aware of, assistant coach for Halmstad bollklubbs (HBK) boys aged 16 and have season tickets.

We took the train (so strange, but good for us to skip the car) and then I surprised him by suggesting an electric scooter to the city centre. A fun and smooth way to trasport yourself. And dangerous, I almost rose like a horse when putting the “pedal to the metal”.

After a pit stop at Gretas roof terrace we continued to the game. Which HBK lost 😞 , it was a real shitty game too. But we got to sit in the sun and enjoy each-others’, and all his coach friends, company. And then Sam picked us up at the station, as he was returning from work. So crazy to have children with driving license.

All in all, a good “date night” ❤️.

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