Plan B

Accompanied with a cold, I’m sitting on the train home after fab days with friends from the past.

From the beginning we planned to spend Thursday-Saturday at a 19’s century cabin in Linköping. On the Wednesday evening we were met of the news that the organizer was down with a cold.

As the rest of us were 5 hrs from the destination (and other logistic issues) we rearranged the meeting closer to our homes. Now we only needed a place to stay.

One Messenger message and call later we solved the issue with one of the friends who couldn’t leave for Linköping acting as host. So one sick old friend was replaced by one equally old, but healthy friend.

So the days were spent with wine, cooking, music, kitchen dancing, conversations, shopping, laughing, walks, more wine and living room karaoke.

We try to meet once or twice a year and I’m forever greatful for these ladies. Side by side for over 40 years. Apparently you are not supposed to share videos from living room karaoke , so I share pictures and playlist.

Spotify playlist to dance in the kitchen together with friends

Thanks Ladies ❤️

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