Summarizing 2022

This is so fun, why haven’t I done this every year?

Best: Fabian’s and my trip to Paris, Sam getting his driver’s license and his job.
Nicest (and surprisingly so): The 6 am sessions at the gym
Most unexpected: Dad talking football at Christmas, showing he had watched (at least) one game during the world championship and was impressed by the players’ skills.
Sadness: Thankfully none
Re-run favorite:  My entire life is a re-run and I’m not sure I think it’s positive.
Proudest moment: Fabbes goal against Halmia (which I only seen video of), but what a goal!
Project: None, it is a disgrace, but next year…
Love: The Mr, Sam and Fabian as always. And Buddy Boy and Teasle Weasel
Concert: Small Peter Jöback concert at Papas
Song: According to Spotify: Bam Bam (feat. Ed Sheeran)
Never-ending-story: Colds
Party: Sam’s graduation party
Laughter: Watching people burning their feet on the hot sand at Diamandi Beach, Greece
Development: Perfect since birth. No, there has been a lack at development this year (too?) and I need to do something about it.
Anxiety: My boys – anything and everything. Need to work on that.
Unfinished: The book, this year again
Change: Starting with hormones to get myself back
Lack:  Projects & dreams (the are related) and morning walks with Marianne
Keeper: The Mr
Reunion: Da gals (two times, two links)
Clothes purchase: Fleece from ASTON (see header image)
Book: Probably anything with Jojo Moyes, love her – or Stark genom klimakteriet – Monika Björn
Reflection: When did we loose sense and sensibility, honor and conscience. A persons word has no longer a value or worth. Tragic that we have lost ourselves.
Promise for 2023: Take more pictures of Fabian playing football, only did four games and three at Gothia cup and in general do more.

Do your own summary, it’s fun.

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