I’m a one woman company. I am my company. I am my brand. There are many of us out there.

What I can’t understand is why you are not open with it. I react to is when one-person companies use plural personal pronouns, as “we” and “us” when talking about themselves. Why?

Another thing I do not like – at all, is when companies, big or small don’t show who they are. When the “About us” page is only a contact form and when they were founded. OK, you can take a random picture from internet and claim that it is the owner, founder, CEO etc. There is no address or phone number or any other way to get in touch with them/him/her. There is something about this anonymity that get’s me worried. Like they are about to scam you – take your money and trust and off they go.

This morning I did some research among small web designers in my immediate surroundings. There are quite many of them. Surprisingly many without a website… and many that is totally unidentifiable. I will not do business of you. On the other hand if your image make you look like serial killer, it’s better to skip it.

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  1. Forestad says:

    Bedragare finns det gott om

    1. louisedock says:

      Nu behöver de inte vara bedragare för att de inte har information om sig själv.

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