Plan B

Accompanied with a cold, I’m sitting on the train home after fab days with friends from the past. From the beginning we planned to spend Thursday-Saturday at a 19’s century cabin in Linköping. On the Wednesday evening we were met of the news that the organizer was down with a cold. As the rest of…


Today we had a play date with one of my high school friends and family. With we I mean the dogs. Buddy haven’t had so many play dates due to his parents. I’m devastated over this fact, when I see how good he is. Buddy, Tesla and Sansa had a great time – and so…

Two hours

Two hours of constant talking and laughing. That's what you get when you send a spur of the moment text and get together with your childhood friend a summer evening. Maybe not as hot, as limber or as naive as for 30 years ago. But still perfect in our inperfection. Dare to be spontaneous, dare…

Friendship annus 1990

I met this lovely woman back in 1990, when the future held dreams about mansions, top positions as LA law firms and hunky pool boys in Beverly Hills. At age 16, I found my squire. She's mine, as I am hers. We stood by each other through heart aces and gutter vomits. She was never…

Vacay – no 2

After returning from Österlen, but before celebrating F’s 11 birthday, I stoped by at home, re packed and went off to a short overnight trip with “the women”. A constellation of women where I feel very welcomed but also a little as the least sharpest tool in the shed. I know that this feeling is…

Essence of life

For me essence of life is family (of course) and shortly thereafter friends. The friends that you discuss life with. Where you are 100% honest in your believes and opinions. Where the people listen to listen, not to talk answer but really listen. Where 6 hrs, feels like 2. This weekend was all about those friends….

New beginnings

Hmmm, one always says (one as a general, vague and unidentified person) it is hard to find new friends as you get old(er). What a load of bullshit. I’m just realizing that I have, in a very short time, found some new friends. Smart, open, women. Ready to give and ready to be around. That’s freaking amazing….

Practise makes perfection

During the last days Fabian has, with the help of his best friend, been practicing a forward flip on the trampoline with the goal to be able to land on his feet. Today, was the day he made it. Over and over again. Happiness, friendship. Boom!

Within 15 min

Your life can get a necessary energy boost, just by hooking up with the right people. A phone-call, a coffee and two conversations later, you have gotten both energy, new ideas and perspective. Not too bad on a Friday morning.  

It is simple 

It is pretty simple. You like each other and you become friends. But friendship can change. There is no guarantee that one like one another after 25 years. Bring two husbands and four children into the pictures and there is a lot that doesn’t necessarily add up. Or it just does. Or maybe it is…

When time is not enough

Sometimes time can never be enough. Like when you meet a friend and you have so much to talk about. And you realize that it wouldn’t matter if you had more time. It simply wouldn’t be enough to empty the things that need to be ventilated. All the things from kids, friendship to career. Or…


Mondays can be anything from heaven to hell. My Monday was a slice of heaven. A fairly long drive for two hours of morning coffee and chats. But that’s what you do when oppertunity strikes. You only live once.


This video is a great example of friendship (topic in my last post).

Said it before, say it again

Today was a bank holiday and finally the mr and I was both off work. So I decided to spend it with childhood friends instead ;). My family is always my priority, but my friends are never short after. We might not meet too often. But when we do it is always the dearest. They…

You complete me

Jerry Maguire might have been first, but my gals say it better and foremost do it better. Their (and their families’ wedding gift) to me (sorry us) was a print of Manhattan. I mean, what could be better? Both taste and idea, that’s my girls.I get all warm inside, truly honored that they are my…