I admire the people who dare to go after their dreams. Like Lilly here. She’s a great performer, who not only loves writing and singing music, she does it. And she does it well.

Shared happiness

I won’t go as far as claiming that only shared happiness is real. But when you see someone else happy,  it is a gooood feeling. To see the Mr in his right element, teaching soccer, I really get happy.

Happiness is a question

Happiness comes in different forms. Like a question from a boy. A boy, tall like a man but still a boy. A question that shows he’s thinking about his future and that he wants something.

Half year report

In four days, I have for six months depended on my own skills, expertise, experience and persona in a slightly different way than the other 32 half years I have had a full time job. I have worked with three new companies that I had no prior experience with and signed a contract for a fourth. I…


Today, I have seen many signs that I am on the right track to my happiness. A while back a young girl got kidnapped, raped, partly cut in her face and lower abdomen, beaten half to death and left on a field to die by an ex boyfriend. She got her future ripped in pieces. Her dream and…


What makes a person a friend? The last days I have reflected over my friends. Why are a handful of people extremely valuable for me? It is so simpel, they are people like me who a pretty fine with who they are. They are people with dreams. Dreams and aspirations, but who choose not only lock…


To reach your dreams you constantly need to go outside your comfort zone. Constantly. I know when I need to. I get a gut feeling. This gut feeling is very similar to my bad conscience gut, but I have learnt to tell them apart. The gut feeling that tells me that I am taking the…


In a previous post I mentioned that I/we need to get started to get going to where we want to be. So today I did. With extreme fast and unexpected results. Exciting – yes. Scary – definitely. But at least we are on our way.

Rush hour Skottorp

Once in while the freeway traffic between Sweden’s second and third largest cities gets re-directed via our village. This morning is such a day. Most probably caused by an accident or snowdrifts making the freeway too insecure to drive on. It’s days like this, when it becomes imperative to me that I need something more…

We all wish

Yes, we all want the best for our children (although I lately have brutally awakened to the fact that some parents that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about theirs, but I choose to believe that they a minority). Anyway, my hope is that my children are happy. That they dare to do the things that…