Half year report

In four days, I have for six months depended on my own skills, expertise, experience and persona in a slightly different way than the other 32 half years I have had a full time job.

I have worked with three new companies that I had no prior experience with and signed a contract for a fourth.

I say thank you to friends, friends of friends, former colleagues, complete strangers, my husband and lastly to my self for believing in me and providing me with a fair chance to prove I am a great communicator and a super person (yes, I am choosing the words here).

I am proud and happy that I have taken this step. A step that I haven’t regretted. A step I know will take me to places and provide me with extraordinary experiences I haven’t thought of yet.

The sky is my limit.

YoLo as the kids say.

Now vacation.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. nellierolf says:

    Louise, the greatest! Jag är så glad för din skull!

    1. louisedock says:

      Well, if don’t think so nobody will 😊.

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