Today, I have seen many signs that I am on the right track to my happiness.

A while back a young girl got kidnapped, raped, partly cut in her face and lower abdomen, beaten half to death and left on a field to die by an ex boyfriend. She got her future ripped in pieces. Her dream and plan to move to Copenhagen and become an architect was no longer reachable. Reading this got me even more assured that my choice, to go after my dream and my happiness, is the right thing (for me). As this girl never got the chance, I must take mine.

I also heard many wisdoms from a man called Dennis Westerberg who among other things said: “All people do not have the same base and conditions in life. On the other hand, everybody has the same possibilities to make something good out of the conditions they have received. This is important to remember.” Maybe you can not be a super athlete, but what else can/do you want to do? Find out and make it happen.

Tonight at piece with myself.

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  1. I try really hard to figure out what I want to do. You inspire me.

  2. louisedock says:

    Happy to hear that I can provide inspiration. I think one of the secrets is to never sign up for something for life. I strive for my vision but what I do vary along the path. That is exactly how I want it 🙂

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