I recognize it

I recognize the feeling from when he was six. Exhausted, dejected and sad. But still a piece of hope.

Stupid is that stupid does

Is it so that mankind, to survive, continues to lure herself that life follows a progressive path? Because it clearly doesn’t and, what is worse, I get surprised every single time.  Life as a parent (ans maybe as a human being) is more one step forward and two steps back. I hardly had pressed the…

Life in the fast lane

As self employed I do not whine about lot’s of work. But in the project I am in right now we are close to deadlines and a lot is to be done. But it is fun. I arrive in the morning and leave in the afternoon and I don’t have a clue where the day went….


I am truly tired over people’s limitation to asking why. When someone act in a certain way we just become annoyed over the fact that they act. But nobody takes the time to ask why. Or just aking oneself “Have I overseen/misunderstood something here?”. No, we just grab our smartphones and puke over all social…


The Mr and I have the new year’s resolution to be more sociable. So after a slow start we now now went all in this week-end. Friday-Sunday party all night long. Thank God it is Monday so I get into the right tracks again.


I am sooo tired. I need to get in bed earlier. Really.

Tired of

I am tired of people in leading positions who: Do not listen Do not care about people Do not see consequences, when it involves people, but apparently can see consequences when it involves money … hmm strange… Do not see it as their responsibility to motivate people, but are more than happy to ask you how…


Here he is. Our little soccer player. After 4 days of soccer camp he decided to fall a sleep in the sofa. He loved it. He will not play defense. It sucks.


I who was suppose to blog today… now I only want to finish the episode of “Elementary” and go to bed. So I leave you with a heading for my next post (so I might remember what I was supposed to blog about). The importance of a good coach.

Single mother

I have said it before and I will say it again. I do wonder if I would have made it as a single mother… Two dogs? Out of the question. Two children? Do not think so. Of course I would have made it if I been put in the situation. But nothing I long for….

Why am I surprised?

If I turn off the laptop at 00:30, it is not strange that I am tired at 06:00. Learn woman! Learn!

Tick tock

It is getting late and a new working week starts tomorrow. Was shooting some pics today, and I am soooooo pleased over the result. Not so pleasing was the total melt down our oldest, who I had a fantastic great date with the other night, had just before dinner. I guess that is life. Good…


To be woken by a snoring Mr and a wining dog at 5.30 am, are only three of the reasons why I am dead tired today. Trying to be tactical in a reorganization is really not my cup of tea.