Stupid is that stupid does

Is it so that mankind, to survive, continues to lure herself that life follows a progressive path? Because it clearly doesn’t and, what is worse, I get surprised every single time.  Life as a parent (ans maybe as a human being) is more one step forward and two steps back.

I hardly had pressed the publish button of my “Bragging” post until I was given a blunt reminder that there is still SO much for twelve year old boys to learn. And that we as parent must never, ever forget that.

What is sad (and hard to remember sometimes) is that the world our kids grow up in is completely different than the times we do. And even if Trump and he’s electors thinks that is possible to travel back to those times, it will not. But what we need to do, is learn how to live in our current times and learn how it works. With that bring a huge portion of respect and responsibility (handled by ourselves) and maybe, just maybe we can have the combination of the “good ol’ times” together with tomorrow’s wonderful possibilities.


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