Life in the fast lane

As self employed I do not whine about lot’s of work. But in the project I am in right now we are close to deadlines and a lot is to be done. But it is fun. I arrive in the morning and leave in the afternoon and I don’t have a clue where the day went. One more week of full time work and thereafter I will try to get a break. My plan is to work part time in December and just get Chrismassy all around. I just love Christmas.

Today the new owners (I did mention our house is sold, right, offer came on my birthday) had an inspection on the house and then we will see if the purchase goes through.

And parallel Tobias is away for work the entire week, we need to make loads for decisions for our new home and kids need to be driven to practice and the dog throws up on the floor.

One more day and one more week of 180 km daily commute… then I will sleep till 7.00 am and do yoga.

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