Death as a constant companion

During the last weeks we’ve been reminded that life is not forever. Buddy Boy is getting older and some days life seems to move faster towards its end. We’ve decided that we shouldn’t wait until he’s really bad, but still it’s so hard to understand when that is. Until then, we enjoy life.

From us all to you all

So it’s here, Christmas. Yesterday was spent with my parents just because we want to be home and safe on Christmas Eve and not stressing, something we deciderat long before we had children. I wish all a safe and good Christmas and for 2023 I hope for more common sense with everyone everywhere. We’re now…

Winter came

From +15 to -2 C in a week . Yesterday was a beautiful cold day. Today I woke up to a winter wonderland. I love snow. Hate to drive in it. But I got to the gym (and back). And today the Mr will return from Rome. Tomorrow it will probably all gone.

Trying out the new camera

Bought myself a new mobile phone the other day. Haven’t done that in four years. The camera is really an upgrade and since the kids don’t want to model, I go for the little princess.

There’s no place like home

When away, the dogs are at a boarding home (for dogs), Svalbogård (they were founded pre social media and is still here so no website available). We had them there for Sam’s graduation as Tesla would have knocked both people and party tent over. Then a couple of days later we left them there again…

Too little attention

She thinks she’s gotten too little attention lately. The human children eating all the lime light. so, here she is – our little princess/diva. And our four legged prince.

Love them so much

I have had dogs now for 20 years. But I’m still fascinated by them and the fact how much I love them. They are amazing. Especially ours. ❤️


Our Tesla is growing. Getting to know a new character is exciting. So far we noticed that Tesla is bright (fast learner as some would say and that includes not so positive things), independent, lover of balls, extremely fond of all strangers as well as family members. When she sees someone, not only her tail…


Tomorrow we return to work – yikes! How will I, who work from home, manage… What is working is the relationship between Tesla and Buddy Boy. This is probably what I’ve worried most about. Also in general everything is progressing. Tonight we slept from 11.00 pm till 5.40. No nightly calls for the bathroom.

The sound of pride

I know what pride sounds like. It is dogfood poured into a bowl. This means that your oldest takes responsibility for the family pet while his parents still are laying in bed. #everythingwillturnoutjustfine


I mowed the lawn yesterday, the Mr. took care of someother garden chores. Buddy the liondog (ridgeback) sat on the elevated patio observing us and his lands. All of a sudden the Mr. whistled for my attention. I came over and saw the liondog with his nose in the dirt by the lilacs. A MOUSE!…


Went upstairs to tuck in the kids. Came down and found this. We have 100% animal free sofa… . We later felt sorry for him and invited him here instead.