Being a mum (parent)

Facebook reminded me about a memory. Today 11 years ago Fabian and I had one of our recurrent FFFs – Friday Fika with Fabian.

Maybe it was these weekly visitis to the different cafés in the area that lay the foundation for today’s relationship. Still, much of my time is spent on being the housekeeper (sometimes upgraded to exterminator), chef, taxi driver and biggest fan, But lately, I’ve noticed the relationship gotten a different tone, a different depth. And what a privilege, what a blessing, it is. To be part of a person throughout his/her life.

Over the years I sometimes experience parenting to be about strollers, clothes, activities and achievements (the more the better it seems). But naturally it’s not. It’s is only about the relationship we establish between us and our children. Where we sometimes need to be strict, sometimes forgiving, sometimes apologetic and at times just fun and silly. But always, always loving.

The best thing about this, is that they only thing you, as a parent, need to invest, is time.

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