New beginnings

This morning was epic. For our family. Or for my husband. After 22.5 years as an emergency response operator (20.5 at his current company) the Mr worked his last shift. A nightshift.

During the kids whole life, they have been told to “keep it down” because dad’s sleeping. Had a mother who didn’t do much fuss around different holiday’s as she just didn’t have the energy to fix a Eastern party with the Mr working (it’s not that he has been working all holidays).

The shift work has also been an asset for both us and our kids. They have never been at pre-school or after school activities full days all days. They have spent a lot of time with their dad. No more sending ambulances to the in-laws (my mum once tripped and broke her arm after a good evening with friends). No more telling people that they won’t get an ambulance for paper cuts.

Sweden is one amazing operator less. But it was time. For everyone.

Photo credit: SOS Alarm AB instagram

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  1. Forestad says:

    Den mannen är en tillgång var han än hamnar


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