New beginnings part II

For me contribution has always been important. One doesn’t live off others. That’s how I’ve been raised and that’s how we raised our kids too.

All of a sudden we have a non student at home. Sam’s been working all summer, but after the summer he needed a “proper job”. And he got one. He has been applying for all different types, warehouse, waiting, receptionist (we do live in a resort with several hotels and restaurants) and of course as assistant nurse, which he now has accepted. I know he doesn’t, despite his education, forsee a career as an assistant nurse, but it is a great first job. Let’s face it – it is a job and a job is very important.

As said, I’ve always known this and lived by it myself. But when it’s your own kids this has become even more important. A job is a necessity to survive in our world, we need money for housing , food and fun, but I do believe it’s even more important from a social perspective. To get out, meet people interact and not the least contribute to something and have a context and feel that you is important to others.

Now I’m hoping he’ll get a seasonal job in the Swedish mountains, interview this weekend. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 So that bartending course he’s starting today will payoff.

Anyhow we are very proud of him accepting a job that he maybe not really wanted, but understanding that it’s better than nothing.

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