Sit down in the boat

The “rat” is that blonde guy, second from the right ❤️, maybe three or four years ago

Sometimes the only thing one needs to do, is nothing and things will just solve themselves.

Yesterday I had my first day back in (home) office. Wednesday I spent in bed. With a sore throat and generally feeling blah.

While doing so, Christmas danced out as we spoke about the other day. Apparently my tinsel was on the lim of survival as the Mr inadvertently pressed the tinsel into a box, instead of gently place it on the cut tinsel sheet.

I managed to stop this preposterous action thanks to our youngest, knowing how important the tinsel is in this household. He cautiously informed me in my sickbed and later informed the Mr that his approach was far from acceptable. I love our youngest dearly for knowing when to rattle on these exceptional important things.

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