From us all to you all

So it’s here, Christmas. Yesterday was spent with my parents just because we want to be home and safe on Christmas Eve and not stressing, something we deciderat long before we had children. I wish all a safe and good Christmas and for 2023 I hope for more common sense with everyone everywhere. We’re now…

Unreasonable pleasure

Photography and editing thereof provides me with, what I would say, unreasonable pleasure. And I don’t do it often enough. I stared my self employed career as a photographer: Quite cheeky many would say, as I had only a couple of private trainings, no college or higher education. But people loved my work and it…

Love them so much

I have had dogs now for 20 years. But I’m still fascinated by them and the fact how much I love them. They are amazing. Especially ours. ❤️

Sit down in the boat

Sometimes the only thing one needs to do, is nothing and things will just solve themselves. Yesterday I had my first day back in (home) office. Wednesday I spent in bed. With a sore throat and generally feeling blah. While doing so, Christmas danced out as we spoke about the other day. Apparently my tinsel…


It’s everything for him. If nobody wants to join he goes down to the pitch himself and practices and practices.

Vacay – no 2

After returning from Österlen, but before celebrating F’s 11 birthday, I stoped by at home, re packed and went off to a short overnight trip with “the women”. A constellation of women where I feel very welcomed but also a little as the least sharpest tool in the shed. I know that this feeling is…

Vacay – trip 1

Me and Fabian fabulous took the first trip of this vacation together with friends of ours (also mother and son). We spend 2.5 days at beautiful Österlen. Sigh. Thanks to other friends the trip could be spent in a very nice cabin (the kind I would choose if I would have one. For all of…

Grey January

Took the boys and my camera for a spin. January is currently very grey and not much light to work with, which is both good and bad.


Sometimes one just must acknowledge things. Things like one is pretty good at something. Just like that. Without comparison. Went through my gallery at my website and just got reminded that I’m good at photography.

19+4 and counting

So we were late to it. After a little over 19 years together and two kids born in sin, we tied the knot 4 years ago. It was just the two of us and the two wonders we made. Just like we wanted it. Swedish New York based photographer Pontus Höök captured our day and…

Exception from the rule

One can always change one’s mind. Like agree to take some wedding pics even you have promised never to do so. A little sister of my oldest friends asked if I could shoot their wedding. Mid-day  on a sunny summer’s Sunday overlooking the ocean. No shade, no clouds. Not my favorite setting when it comes to…


There are several reasons to complain at times. Times when life is just not what one deserves or expect. And there are days when you can take a step back and just realize that it could be so much worse. Tonight it was one of those days. Even if the boys were reluctant we made it….


Photography does wonders for my soul. I forget everything when I take pics. And how I love to use nature for my palette. Wonder why I do not do it more often. On my second instagram account, @signed_louise I focus more on photography as a creative expression and not so mucg as a visionary diary. There…

It ain’t that easy

Just looked through a marvelous photography project of Johan Bävman called Swedish dads. While reading the different stories it becomes clear for me that sharing the very generous parental leave system should be a non-question in a country like Sweden. Like one of the interviewed, Loui Kuhlau, father said:  “I have a hard time understanding why…


Really, no more words are needed (and if someone wonders, the elderly peeps are my parents).  


Really, there are no words needed.

Thank you

I am feeling truly grateful that I have a mind of a Teflon frying pan. Nothing sticks to me, for long. I can get gruesomely angry and upset (as you saw in my last post), but then it is gone and I focus on the the good parts in life, like when you play Uno…


It was a long time ago I posted a picture not taken by my smartphone. So here are some of the tulips in our garden.

Looking good

Today I had some pictures taken of me for my web pages, by photographer, Emelie Ohlsson. So strange to stand in front of the camera. Even if I (I am one of the few) love to be in pictures I actually was a little nervous. Then it becomes very uplifting to read the following on…

Our little soccer player

Some pics from the training camp taken by an Emil Mattson. I refer to the site where the pics are available , but I do not know for how long.


Sometimes happiness can be ridiculously simple. Here is one example.

What to do and what’s being done

So, what is happening in my life at the moment? According to this blog – nothing, or so damn much I do not have the time to write… I guess a little bit of both. Still dwelling about what to do with my life and the bad thing is that I do not progress. Should…

A day of pictures

I hope today was a real hello to spring and farewell to winter. The wind is still cold but in the sun (and free from wind) it was a lovely.  The beach was not 100% free from wind. But the boys and I had a great time in the sun. er, phhy

Practice makes perfect

Words can probably not describe the Mr’s happiness that at least one of his offsprings have taken football to his heart (at least for now). Ever so often they go into the garden to practice. Fabians shots has become better, both stronger and more precision. I see the dream in the Mr’s eyes. One day…


After days in a conference room, where I’ve seen the sun but not been able to enjoy it. I took the boys and a friend to the beach. Good talks and good pictures. Spring is here and I love it.