19+4 and counting

So we were late to it. After a little over 19 years together and two kids born in sin, we tied the knot 4 years ago.

It was just the two of us and the two wonders we made. Just like we wanted it. Swedish New York based photographer Pontus Höök captured our day and Eileen at Weddings of New York made it happen. It was short a sweet ceremony at the best place of them all NYC.

When I came home this evening a delivery had dropped off a bouquet of red roses. Appreciated because it never happens. Appreciated because he made an action out of his thought (and his though was me).

Tomorrow he returns home after a week away and it is time to celebrate his 43:rd birthday. I have gotten (or ordered and booked time) a new tail windscreen wiper (no, not just the rubber thingie – the entire arm mounted and all. It broke when he smashed the windscreen this summer). If I worry about him finding out?  He already knows as he has to drive the car to the garage next week, and secondly he never reads my blog.

But I sure love him anyway.

Some of my favourite shots of our day all taken by Pontus Höök. And Coldplay’s Paradise, the song we for always will remember this day by:



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