It ain’t that easy

Just looked through a marvelous photography project of Johan Bävman called Swedish dads.

While reading the different stories it becomes clear for me that sharing the very generous parental leave system should be a non-question in a country like Sweden. Like one of the interviewed, Loui Kuhlau, father said:  “I have a hard time understanding why you would not want to be at home with your kid, now that you decided to have one. …”

Actually, I believe the choice of sharing the parental leave is more valuable for your relationship with your partner than anything. It provides you with insights and understanding for your stay-at home partner, you won’t be able to get in any other way.

But, I also respect that this is an individual choice where, unfortunately, I can’t decide. People do what they need to do. As long as they do not pull the financial card.

There is only one thing I question and would like to express a note of warning. Many fathers in the project, refers to the better bond and relationship they get with their children by sharing the parental leave. Just as long as they understand that a sound and good relationship with your children is a perishable. Not a given for being home for a year when they where young.

They evolve and you need to get to know them each and every day. But I truly believe your odds of doing this will be much better if you took the possibility to take the time to get to know them when they young.

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