Welcome (?) distance learning

Image: Arthur Lambillotte Unsplash

Yesterday it was announced that also our youngest will have distance education from Monday when schools starts after the Christmas holiday. Our oldest had it March – June and November(?) – December, all due to covid.

What do I think? I don’t know what I think. But let’s find out.

I believe that education for these young teens (13-15) is better on site. Partly because it can be hard for youngsters to discipline themselves (not only have the luxury of a home office working parent aka prison guard) and partly because I don’t believe the teachers are fully equippped to this way of teaching, I doubt they have neither the tools nor knowledge, it must differ a lot from how to practice on site education. So, even if I’m sure that the teachers will make their outmost to make it work, I still believe that the quality will suffer as I don’ think they have been given the prerequisites for distance teaching.

At the same time, this decision is taken as we have the situation we have in the pandemic. As people can’t handle the social distancing the spread continues and therefore I think it’s wise. But I do hope that it ends by the 24th of January. Also for our oldest.

I guess we’ll see.

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