What do you do?

Us, back in 1994

As I told you about a while back, the Mr has gotten himself a day job. Working shift is nothing but a memory. This means however, that we have a lot more time together.

I’m “always” bragging about our relationship, which celebrates 30 years next summer. In hindsight, I’d say that one of the contributing factors to its length, is the Mr’s shift work, which started in 2000.

For over 20 years, I’ve been able to do what every I want more or less every other week-end I. With no bad conscience, I could spend a week-end on the sofa watching a movie or my phone (of usually a combo). No demands other than keeping the kids alive, this demand has decreased over the years and they are pretty good at surviving themselves.

Now, these weekends are gone and I feel this need to do stuff. Together. And my first question is, what do people/couples do during their weekends? Household chores? Sure, but that can’t be more than an hour or two (more during spring and summer when garden work is a never-ending story). But what else do you do? We have no routine at all. People can not sit on their couch watching their individual phones?! Do we need to get a project started – house extension or a common hobby, like pottery.

Well, the Mr’s new beginnings is sure new beginning for the both of us. Probably bringing us to new highs. Good thing he still has football.

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  1. Forestad says:

    Älskar dena bilden av er

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