Lately I’ve been thinking a lot of limitlessness (? is that even a word? Well it is now).

My previously post was for sure connected to it. Social media – a place where you can say what ever you want, no matter how foul, how hateful or how much it will hurt. Limitless.

And I see this everywhere. Elected and corporate representatives (of course not all, probably not even a majority) do whatever they can to benefit them selves. Using loopholes in the law to get what you want. Smart some say. Calculating I say. Limitless.

And maybe the worst of all. Parents. Parents who due to, disappointment(?), guilt(?), fear(?), is prepared to ruin other people’s life, work and reputation just because their child did not get what they wanted.

Limitless and in my eyes pathetic. Run out of the egocentric world we created for ourself.

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