Have you ever heard?!

Looking around I see people that are so stressed. I must admit that I don’t see them that often anymore and this is probably a combo of 1) I don’t read (or interact) that much with others and 2) I and friends are in a different stage in life, were we simply have less things to do (older kids).

Anyhow, since Fabian started kindergarten I have not worked full time. I worked 80%, with Fridays off. This was probably a great contributor to my happiness in life, providing me with balance. I’ve kept this concept also as self employed. Never working full time. Today, I only get payed for 60% as one day a week I devote to writing. A book. I will tell you when I’m done. Half-way now.

Anyhow and Fridays are still my own to do nothing. Our household chores, making the week-end free to do something else. But now, as my husband no-longer is free a random Friday, I have been thinking of working more! Have you ever heard something so absurd?!

Well, don’t bet any money yet. Maybe I take up that pottery class instead.

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