The Friendship Inn

Last week it was Gothia Cup, the largest football youth cup. Fabbe’s team was there. His first time.

As the mother I am, and can be. I took my work computer and camera and logged in at The Friendship Inn. Once again my childhood friend opened her doors for me and lend me a bed. She was home alone with her youngest, a magical soon to be eleven. FYI to get a hotel, hostel or any other type of commercial accommodation without paying a fortune, and I literally mean that, during Gothia is impossible. And I was late.

I spent my days working and breaking for games, all played about 15 minutes from my friends home. Even though I had to surpass and survive the Gothenburg traffic. I improved my finding skills, but reality struck back with a vengeance during one of my last journeys. My hubris allowed me to take a phone call (handsfree of course) while driving and naturally I took a wrong turn.

But I (and Fabian and hopefully my friend and her son) had a great and warm week (at one day around 16 people fainted at one arena, players and spectators).

And take care of your friends so there always a bed when needed at your Friendship Inn.

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