Perspectives of time

I’m conscious about time. In the bigger perspective. To stop daily and reflect over things (usually my children and/or feelings connected to everyday activities). This gives me an awareness of now. A now that tomorrow is part of the past. It gives me knowledge that I was present while alive. I believe this will grant me great comfort my last moments on earth.

Yesterday, Fabulosious and I went to the hairdresser’s. We do that in a neighbouring town, 20 min away. Not because there are none in Båstad, but since I’m picky about that profession. I need to have one that understands me (and my hair). Life has told me that it’s too short for bad haircuts. The whole family has gone to them since the start of the century. So you understand that my hairdresser and associates are great.

Going to, and from, the hairdresser, we pass our old home town village. Skottorp is a small, small town where our boys were brought up and went to both daycare and school. About 10 years for Sam and in 7 for Fabbe. When Sam started pre-school I was started to be involved in the parent teacher association and that was also the first time we brought to the table that our school will be too small within X years. It took them (the politicians) almost 15 years. But now there is a brand new school. Much bigger than the previous.

Fabbe and I took a pit stop to walk around their old school and met with one of the teachers, who let us in to have a climps.

I was impressed and Fabbe was impressed. I told him that if I’d have small kids now, Skottorp would be the place to raise them. Fantastic village with this new school. That is estimated to be too small in five years…

Leaving Skottorp, Fabian asked me if he thought they, him and Sam, would have been different if we’d stayed in Skottorp. I told him that they probably would have been, and most likely me and their dad to.

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