It’s a challenge, this life thing. Especially if you, as myself, demand progress. Particularly of myself.

I love myself, but not so much that I don’t think there’s room for improvement. These areas of improvement are getting very clear as the kids develop. Great catalysts they are. The children. Love ’em for it even if I for sure do not always appreciate the journey.

I allow myself to act, react, think, feel and grow. I am very turbulent in the process. And I think I bring people (read the family) with me. The Mr is, as we speak, making appointments at the hairdresser for the boys.

How fascinating it is when I, in hindsight, can both see and acknowledge the change and the process. No, I don’t think we are out of the woods yet thinking of the teenage era. But one (or was it 5000) bump is passed. And hopefully I’m a little better prepared for the next to come.

And in my own modest way, I would call myself supernova. Happy to be the one I am, but with a conviction to become even better, stronger and brighter (an eventually explode, sprinkling my magical startdust all over you).

PS, I have removed the divorce option, for now

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