Me right now

A while back one of my oldest and wisest friends brought up the question of perspectives on life and how much social media influences us and the fact that we are constantly bombarded by “perfect pics” of others.

I answered her that my personal conviction is that it very much up to us as individuals and based in our self worth. Personally I see beyond the images every one posts in social media and know that that is mostly not the whole truth. Thereto, and maybe more important, what others do or not do, has very little to do with me. But I also promised to show more of my own not picture perfect life (because it sure ain’t and I have no wish to have it perfect). Unfortunately this promise came at the same time as my smartphone broke and I have found out that social updates has become much harder for me without it.

But that won’t hold me back, I will share the full status of my life, including the crappiness.

Right now I am down with a cold, which I definitely believe is my body’s way of saying “you can’t cope with more”. All of November has been used to try to teach a teenager what is right and what is wrong (something you thought he already knew) and getting a husband to understand that sharing the cooking and cleaning is not being equal, there are so much more he needs to do and I am really fed up of him not getting it. Usually I love December and the wait for Christmas, now I do find it a ridiculous nuisance.

What can I do? Get a divorce? Move and let the Mr to have full custody of the children?

To be honest, I haven’t made up my mind yet.

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