Ruined beauty sleep

It only took one night to swoop me back in time, when sleep was hard currency on the black market.

F woke up with a enormous ear infection pain (I would say that his pain thershold is far lower than his brother’s, but on the other hand far above my own) and for a half hour before the painkiller kicked in he, I and the Mr was wide awake.

I realized that it was long ago our nightly beauty sleep was trashed by ill children and how happy I am that it is so. But as everybody knows, the best way of surviving a night with an ear infection is a somewhat upright position to ease the pressure in the ears. F chose a total horizontal position after a while but, the headache and stiff neck I have today, witness that I kept that somewhat upright position.

Happy Easter all. I will hide some eggs in the garden for the kids to find. Probably the only Easter tradition we have, but an appreciated one.

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  1. Titti says:

    Här är en till som hade ont i örat inatt. Fast ingen feber, bara ont. Men lil sis säger att det inte gör ont längre, så vi får väl se hur det blir till natten…
    Hoppas att ni får en härlig påsk trots elaka baciller!

  2. louiseinskottorp says:

    Nej, ingen feber här heller. Men Gud vad ont han hade. Han är iväg på fritids utan ont medan jag skriver en artikel och gör en rysligt kul uppgift grafisk formgivningskurs. Jag inser att jag MÅSTE lära mig Adobe Illustrator. vilket kul program (det verkar vara).

    Nu ses vi snart. KRAM och Glad påsk!

  3. amilindtner says:

    Happy easter! 🙂

    1. louiseinskottorp says:

      Right back at you! 🐣

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