Him, myself and friends

I don’t want you readers to think that this has become a dog blog. But let’s face it. Both boys are nowadays kissing other girls than their mother (yes, I do spy on them and I’m not ashamed) and my role in their life is changing. I’m no-longer the centre of their universe and that is new to me and I haven’t fulle reconciled with this fact. But all I need is time and now a lot this time is spent on “The Princess”.

An alternative would be to provide some of this time to both myself and the Mr. I have always been good at this. My, myself and I have always been given a lot of attention and the Mr is quite good at giving himself “me-time” (it’s called football practice) and I must say we as a couple have also always taken the time for each-other.

Friday was another of these occasions. Together with one of my high-school friends and her husband we check-in at a hotel in Malmö to take the train and metro to Danish Radio concert hall (what a building, the Danes for sure know their architecture) to watch Celeste Barber‘s stand-up show.

Hilarious, but short. Women massively over represented in the audience, but the Mrs did also enjoy the show. After a quite early hotel breakfast we were off to new football adventures. Which led to that the Mr’s team is now in the semi-final in the national cup for Boys 16.

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