Him, myself and friends

I don’t want you readers to think that this has become a dog blog. But let’s face it. Both boys are nowadays kissing other girls than their mother (yes, I do spy on them and I’m not ashamed) and my role in their life is changing. I’m no-longer the centre of their universe and that…


Can you feel it? How its disappearing? How its slipping away right at your fingertips? We know that our children are only a loan. They are only “yours” for a tiny time. Ours are leaving, I have a hard time understanding this. That soon it is me and the Mr only. Again. Before that I…

Tik tok

On Thursday he turns 9. 9? 9! I realize that it doesn’t matter where the time go. The important thing is what we do with it.

When time is not enough

Sometimes time can never be enough. Like when you meet a friend and you have so much to talk about. And you realize that it wouldn’t matter if you had more time. It simply wouldn’t be enough to empty the things that need to be ventilated. All the things from kids, friendship to career. Or…


Time is a funny, but usually good, thing. For me, today time provides me with the opportunity to skip the new LEGO movie over a cup of coffee and an episode of Suits. Nice!