Paris report – Day #1

I must say Fabian is somewhat modest when his uses the word “good” in his review of the day.

At one time he was saying that his mind was spinning of the huge supply especially as it’s combined with a sale to up to 50%!

We stated our day at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann. From there we worked our way down to the Louvre via Ave de l’Opéra and onwards to Hallarna. Stopping at every shop with the slightest interest.

At 2.30 pm we had tickets for the Louvre. People claim that she’s overrated. I don’t think so. I think it’s nice to have visited her. And I‘ve been told she’s so small, that I was expecting a stamp sized painting. But it was a normal sized portrait.

There after we wanted to see ”Liberty Leading the People”, but she was not to be found (or our map reading skills failed), when we thereafter we wanted to see the Egyptian antiques. Couldn’t find the department. As we had one more Nike store (or so we thought) to visit, we gave up. After a short break (without working sockets) at Starbucks we walked some more just to find out it was a store with Nike shoes. Not more.

Our tired feet combined with the disappointment of the “Nike store”, Fabian ordered us to take the metro back to the hotel (which was our next stop). As all I ever heard about the metro is that’s filled with pickpockets, I hesitated. But as I’m known to never say no for a personal challenge (yeah right and as riding the metro wouldn’t pass as a challenge) we did so. With the help of Google maps (oh how I love) and a service staff only speaking French – we made it.

Speaking about French. We must look typical French. As EVERYBODY, starts speaking French to us (read me). I’m a lot, but French would be the last thing I would call myself.

Now we are resting our feet after approx 22000 steps each. Tomorrow we do the same but in the direction of Champs-Élysées.

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  1. Forestad says:

    Älskar er rapportering

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